Thursday, June 10, 2010


Bryan had to work in Tennessee about a week ago for a shooting competition so I decided to go with him this time. We didn't get to see very many historical, etc. sites but I really enjoyed being a spectator at the competition and watching what they do for these events. There were quite a few teams there from all over the US as well as the UK and Canada. The INL did really well and won 2 of the individual events and received 3rd place over all. Here's a couple of pics.....
The last night they had a banquet and it was held at The Museum of Appalacia. The property had a lot of original homesteads that you could walk along paths to see - It was beautiful. Also, one of the things I miss the most about living in the south are the firefly's - They were all over that evening - it was pretty cool.

I picked up Kyleigh from her Cousins in Utah and her new favorite thing to do is 'Jumpy-Jump'.

On my way to the airport I did stop and see one place in TN and that was 'The Hermitage'......Andrew Jackson's Homestead just outside of Nashville. This is a picture of the the obelisk and tombs of President Jackson and his wife.

A front view of his home - we couldn't get much closer than this to the front of the house and it was fenced off because they were doing restoration work from the recent floods. I was able to tour the inside of the house buy they wouldn't let me take pictures inside.
So that was all the history I was able to see while there :( Oh well, maybe there will be a next time.......I'd like to visit Nashville a little more the next time around.
Overall, it was a great trip!


kristen said...

love the pics!! it's about time you updated your blog (i know i can't talk ;0)

Marnie said...

Sounds like a nice getaway. Glad you found my blog!