Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No Title This Time....

I haven't posted for awhile and frankly can't think of much either!! Except that I'm getting a little cabin fever and am glad to see that the weather is finally warming up a bit (even if it is only 40 degrees). So, to fill my time until Spring I have been organizing my photos and came across these. They represent a little bit of our morning routine:

Kyleigh is my helper and gets all my makeup out for me in the mornings!! AND, proceeds to scatter them all over the floor.

This is where I contain Kyleigh while I am taking my showers in the morning. Usually all I hear is complaining coming from her but this particular morning I walked out to find this (I must have taken a shower later in the morning that day and she was ready for her morning nap). It couldn't have been very comfortable :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Had to share

Kyleigh was crawling through the bottom of her activity center the other day and decided to stand up. Well, when she did she got stuck and wasn't too happy about it either.