Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday.....

KYLEIGH!!! 1 year old and I can hardly believe how fast this year went by. My little girl is growing up so fast ;) (I'm sure I'll be saying that when she's 16, 25, 40, etc). Here are a few things I love about her and some that I will miss when she gets older:

*Her adventerous & inquisitive looks when she sees something new to explore
*Blowing on her belly to make her laugh
*Rocking her back to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night (It's the only time she will really snuggle with me)
*When she laughs as she watches the dogs playing through the window
*Sneaking into her bedroom to watch her sleep
*Playing 'pat-a-cake' with her, she loves that rhyme
*Her cute little handprints allover my newly cleaned window glass and fireplace glass
*How playing in my make-up drawer is her favorite thing to do while I'm getting ready in the mornings (I'm sure this will change when she figures out how to get the caps off!)
*Holding her hands as she learns to walk
*The cute sounds she makes as she tries to sing along with me when I put her to bed
*Watching her and her Daddy play together and how she smiles whenever he comes into the room

We had a little party with family - it was a lot of fun. I made a cake for her with fondant but it was too tuff for her to break through to the good stuff so we did the candle and pictures with that one and I had to make another one for her to dig into with just frosting on it. Here are a few pictures from her Birthday:

Oh and we celebrated Bryan's birthday too....his was yesterday. Happy Birthday Kyleigh and Bryan!