Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Catch Up

Here's a little catch-up from my last post...... Maybe one of these days I'll think of something to actually write about in my blog :)

Over Easter weekend Bryan had to work in N.C. for 2 weeks so on Easter weekend he and a few of the guys he traveled with took a drive up to DC to see the sites. I am so jealous and made him promise to take me on a trip there sometime (sooner than later). It was a busy weekend because it was Easter, Spring Break & the Cherry Blossom Festival was going on as well.

This is in Kitty Hawk, N.C. at the Wrigth Brothers museum. The stones in the background show the disctances of their first few flights.
Lincoln Statue
Tomb of the Unknowns during the changing of the guards
The White House (of course)

Kyleigh in her Easter Dress

Easter Egg hunting with her cousins


Vanessa said...

hey there! i feel like i haven't seen your riverside blog in FOREVER! what amazing shots!!! i love all the verstile options you give everyone! what great talent you have!

kerstin said...

Kyleigh is SO grown up! She is darling! :)