Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random pics of Kyleigh....some old some new

Helping me make cookies
Playing with jewelry (taken on a cell photo camera - don't fault me ;) )
Swinging in the trees at my friends wedding last week. I couldn't keep her from stomping through the flowers - I'm sure everyone one there was thinking......look at that lady not controlling her child ;)

When Kyleigh was in the hospital for 4 days last January. This was taken on day 3 when she was starting to become a little more alert. Poor girl - I felt so bad for her. this was one Sunday while we were getting ready for church and I hear from a little voice, "Mommy, I stuck" 'Help Me". I come running in and this is what I find!! (I'm just glad the whole thing didn't topple on top of her).

Memorial Day this year......
October of last year, chillin' with Grandpa Hansen.

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kerstin said...

So cute! We need to get together one of these days.