Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunshine and Summertime

I couldn't help it! Kyleigh and I have been sooooo stir crazy waiting for the rain to clear up that as soon as there was a day with sun we had to take a drive. I didn't know where we were going to go when we pulled out of the driveway but somehow we ended up on our way to Bone, Idaho. I've heard of the place but had never been there......if you could call it a 'place' really. As we drove we came across the windmills and farms, lots and lots of farms and even a distant-but clear view of the Grand Tetons. It's actually quite a pretty countryside in that area and because of all the rain the rolling hills were still green. I even saw what I believe to be an eagle (not sure what kind) because the wing span was huge - bigger than what I've seen before with a hawk. Unfortunately I couldn't pull my camera out fast enough before it went behind one of the hills :(
Cows enjoying the sunny afternoon
A potato field
A view of the Grand Tetons
We also pulled out Kyleigh's little swimming pool so she could take a dip.Kyleigh had to have my popscicle too.

And no, this is not from a recent maternity session but my daughter's 'buddha belly' I think its cute so I had to include it ;)

Have a wonderful Fourth of July Week!! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

No Green Thumb for Me

This year I had the brilliant idea to start my own little garden - just a small one to see if I could do it. I had Bryan build me a little planter box to put on the patio and my seedlings were growing wonderfully. However, once I transplanted them that's when everything went downhill. Here's a few pictures of the remnants of my garden that won't grow! :(
At least the teeny tiny green beans that were produced tasted good ;)
Green thumb or not, at least my yard plants are hardy and can take care of themselves. With all of this rain we've been having they have been late bloomers.

(After is coming soon)

My Strawberries are finally ripening - can't wait to taste them....unless the dog gets to them first! (Kimber will lay down next to or on top of the plant and rummage around with her face to find all the strawberries and eat them)

Here's one for fun - Sadie being as happy as can be

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Late Memorial Weekend Post

I know I know.....this is terribly late and June is practically half over but I thought I would post some pictures just for fun.
Kyleigh had an eventful weekend.....we first went to visit Brayden (and other family members) and put some flowers on his grave. (Please turn your gaze away from my extremely white legs-----they have not yet had the chance to see the sun and are a bit blinding!)
Then we went camping at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes for a couple of nights. Kyleigh loved playing in the dirt and probably had more of sand & dirt to eat than she did milk!

She loved getting rides on the 4-wheeler.....we were camped with a bunch of friends and friends of friends so any time she saw someone's atv she tried to climb up on them.

Bryan and Kyleigh sharing a licorice......

All the way to the end.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Idaho Sunsets

A few nights ago the clouds were fluffy and the sunset was beautiful so I couldn't resist the picture opportunity. I left Kyleigh with Bryan and took a little drive to capture a few shots.
I've been wanting to take some pictures of the temple when the sky had variation and that night was perfect!

The field was blooming, the sprinklers spraying and a firey sky was blazing. The crop flowers looked like the field was snow covered, it was so pretty (the pictures doesn't do it justice).