Monday, July 28, 2008

Camping at Stoddard Creek

This was Kyleigh's first REAL camping trip (aside from our 1st attempt when Bryan broke his back). She did so well and even slept longer at night than when she's at home!!

Of course the dog Had to be in the picture too...

Bryan just pretends he hates the dog but when no one is looking - They Snuggle!!

Bryan's Accident....

So as everyone knows already about Bryan's little accident on the 4wheeler, I thought I would explain a little more about what happened.....

Here's what Bryan Wished he was doing when he broke his back:

BUT, here's a little something more realistic to what happened ;)

Don't worry honey...I still luv ya!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting Started

I'm finally starting one of these since most of our friends have one now! So, where do I start.....

How about the fact that I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family. Bryan and I were blessed with Kyleigh on Jan. 23, 2008 and our lives haven't been the same. For years it was a struggle to try and have children but somewhere inside I felt that the day would eventually come, and it did. I think what kept me going was turning to the Lord for help and guidance....I tried to remain faithful in remembering that it is according to His will (and not mine). The hardest challenge I have ever had to go through was this pregnancy. With the passing of Brayden I had never known such feelings of grief and I didn't even get to know him. However, accompanied with that grief was a feeling of peace and comfort; knowing that I would one day get to know him when I leave this Earth. I also was given by the Lord feelings of hope that I may be able to carry Kyleigh. Additionally, I couldn't have gotten through it without Bryan - he truly is a strength to me. We received that beautiful little girl and now know the feeling I've heard other mothers talk about: It's amazing how much you love your children even when you've just met them! Kyleigh had a rough start but has done very well both in the NICU and at home....infact, you wouldn't know by looking at her today that she was ever 2 1/2 lbs. She has got cheeks galore and I love it!